Sunday, January 11, 2009


UPDATE! I've been blogged about!!! OMG! I feel so proud! I was featured on Unclutterer as the Workspace of the Week!

Check it out here!!!!

For the past two weekends, I've tackled a project each Sunday. Last Sunday was getting my closet organized. This Sunday it was all about getting my desk organized. I get angry when I can't find something I'm looking for. My desk was a combination of magazine/mail/general clutter. And with me trying to get into this whole photography and Etsy shop deal, I needed a clean, organized workspace.

So then I started browsing through Pottery Barn's website to get inspired. I already have a great desk to begin with, and I just needed a little guidance on what to do. I thought about what I had already, organizing wise, so I wouldn't have to go out and spend any more than I honestly needed to. Something I knew that I needed was a new printer stand. I had this older busted file cabinet with absolutely no storage space for my things. It needed to have storage drawers as well as room for files. My desk currently has space for drop files. I've never used them for that. They've had crap like binders and junk mail in them for the past few years. Taking all of this into consideration, I got to work.

I had to sort through the entire pile of junk first. I had receipts from electronics from 2004, ones I didn't even have anymore! I found old car papers, random photos, high school essays. Seriously? Why do I even have this anymore?! I ended up throwing out 2 huge paper bags full, not to mention the documents I shredded.

The after...... is so worth it. It's pleasing to the eye, I feel like I can actually get some work done here. My things are so neatly organized and laid out. So now I present you with some before and after shots !