Monday, December 27, 2010

Review : 'town

While browsing the streets of Avondale during the "Christmas in Avondale" celebration, I decided to give the much talked about " 'town " a try. I snagged a seat at the open kitchen bar, so I could get a full view of Executive Chef Scott Ostrander work his magic. Just like an alchemist brewing a concoction, I watched him add butter, stock, and mirepoix to a pan to begin making his bouillibase.

To begin, I ordered the Sweet Potato chips. These sweet potatoes were thinly sliced, almost translucent. Deliciously crispy, drizzled with a sherry-bacon dressing. The sprinkling of fresh parsley on top gives the dish a great peppery note. I love making sweet potatoes into something savory, and this hit that spot perfectly.

The bouillibase is served in it's own individual le cruset pot. The moment it's served, I can smell the inciting broth, with fennel and fresh herbs. The pot is filled with a generous portion of mussels, shrimp, fish, and half a lobster tail. Chef Olestrander did a great job with this marsaolle based dish. The dish was so wonderful, my only wish was that I had a crusty piece of French bread to soak up that wonderful, flavorful broth.

I had a wonderful meal expierence at 'town, and I plan on coming back for brunch soon.... I hear they put on a fantastic brunch!

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