Tuesday, January 12, 2010

24 Before 24, Day Three

I'd like to make a haiku dedicated to muesli.

Wonderful Muesli
Delicious and Nutritious
Why did I hate you?

Seriously, why did I ever doubt the stuff? It's packed with things that are so good for your body! Normal ingredients in muesli can include the following: uncooked rolled oats ,dried fruits, and nuts.

On my recent trip to IKEA, my Swedish visitors picked up a bag of Finax Nordic Muesli from the Swedish Food Market at the front of the store. Traditionally, they eat it with plain unsweetened yogurt for breakfast. I've NEVER seen people eat as much yogurt as the Swedes do.... just 3 of them killed an entire 2 POUND (32oz) container of yogurt in a morning. It would take me about 2 weeks to finish a container that big!

Today's breakfast is a 1/2 cup of muesli ( I finally found one without nuts! Not a fan of them!), 3/4 cup of 2% milk, and 1/2 a sliced banana. A filling breakfast and sooooo good!

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